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Our FISHAO Hack Tool is a free web-based program that allows you to add up to 99,999 Fishcoins, Fishbucks & Energy to your account each day. Thanks to our tool you won’t have to spend any real money on buying in-game items so it’s ideal if you’re not able to or don’t want to spend a lot of money on the game. When you finish using our FISHAO Cheats you will defiantly be able to impress your friends. You’ll be able to go fishing in exciting new areas and use the free shiners that you got from our hack to catch new and different fish types. Although it technically is possible to generate more that 99,999 of each resource per day, we recommend against generating more than that since you want to stay under the ban radar.

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The online FISHAO Cheat is made by expert hackers and can be used directly from your browser, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone. There’s no risk of getting hacked because you don’t have to enter your password, just your username will suffice. This means that you can gift Fishcoins, Fishbucks and Energy to your friends too. So don’t wait any longer and use our FISHAO Cheats today to get the in-game results that you deserve!


Check out the FISHAO Hack features:

  • Add up to 99,999 Fishcoins to your account daily
  • Add up to 99,999 Fishbucks to your account daily
  • Add up to 99,999 Energy to your account daily
  • Unlock all items, shiners, areas and much more
  • Our cheats are completely safe, encrypted and use we use proxies
  • Our tool is 100% free, we will never charge you

How to use our FISHAO Cheats:

  1. Go to our web-based program by clicking the button above or below
  2. Enter your game username
  3. Enter the amount of Fishcoins, Fishbucks and Energy that you want to add to your account
  4. Enable proxy & encryption for extra security and zero ban risk
  5. Press the start button
  6. Wait a moment and enjoy!

Some information about the game

After signing up the first step is to create your personal avatar. You can personalize your look, hairstyle, clothing and the colors of them. The world of FISHAO is your ultimate fishing destination! You will probably be hooked (no pun intended ;-)) after just a matter of minutes and play for hours every day working hard to become the best fisherman ever known. To make it to the top of the international leaderboards you’ll need a lot of EXP (experience points), Fishcoins, Fishbucks and of course Energy to fish all day. There’s no need to download anything to play Fishing Always Online, and neither is there a need to download anything in order to use our hack, it can be used directly in your browsing program.